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"Gagged in Her Gown"

by Barney Brazil

Dear Diary. Entry #709.  You'll never guess what happened tonight.  Fred and I FINALLY Got THAT FIRST DATE…FOR PROM!!!!!  Let me explain.  First, you'll remember, dear diary, how many times I've pined for him…how many hints I've dropped…what lengths I've gone to get him just to NOTICE me, as more than just a hang-out friend.  Well, we were trying to solve a mystery a few days where this dead girl Alice May…well, let me backtrack, dear diary.   Alice May is ACCUSED of being dead, but she's really alive, making boys disappear.  When she turns out to be flesh and blood…and after Fred!  She was right there in school, flipping her blonde (bleach bottle-job, I bet) hair, cooing in that annoying tone, just about snatching Fred from my clutches ON MY EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY, of all times!  

Dear diary…I got desperate.  I know the older sisters say play hard to get, but what was I to do.  Besides, gal pal Velma said "just try the direct approach" in her sarcastic tone.  I threw myself at him, and insisted he take me…to solve a mystery and set a trap (see dear diary…I can learn).  I think that trap part helped, because he said yes!  YESYESYESYESYES!!!!! WHOOO!!!!!

So, after three intensive days of power shopping (and even helped Velma get her dress for that secret date with Shaggy….don't anyone tell Scooby!  I know).  I got this great gown.  Dear diary…I have to show you the photo!  It's purple (of course), and strapless (my favorite), matching pumps (very high heels) and headband.  Of course it wouldn't be Daphne Blake without a lime green scarf…so I bought two!!  Who can say "charge card?!"  Then there was a collar and…get ready for this…lilac opera gloves.  They fell so soft on my hands and arms…like I'm a real Hollywood starlet.  Cosmo says guys can't resist ladies in those! And…I almost forgot!  The purple gown has a twist….a pink rose shaded section that the bottom for Fred to gawk at my ankles, and…

A hand clamped upon her left wrist, forcing her to drop her pen with the right.  It was seized a split second later, to be join the other so that both wrists were pinned behind her back.  After the shock of the moment wore off, she opened her mouth to scream, but it was cut off by a cloth over her mouth.

"Don't bother, Daphne Blake," the unmistakable voice of Alice May whispered.  "Besides, your family left 20 minutes ago.  It's just the two of us girls in the house."

"Mmummmm!" Daphne muttered into the thick cloth.

"Not another word, unless you want one of your precious limbs broken," Alice hissed.  "And you wouldn't make prom queen in a cast."

Daphne stopped struggling.  The cloth was removed, which was a plus.  However, a rope began to bind her wrists over the opera gloves…a definite minus.

"Wha-why are you doing this?" Daphne whined.  "I only want Fred….you could have any other guy at school!"

Alice let go of Daphne's wrists.  As expected, they were knotted tightly.  Sadly, it seemed Alice knew what she was doing.  The loose ends were then looped around her forearms.

"You don't seem to understand…it's not Fred alone that I want.  And it's nothing personal, dear Daph.  See, it's my destiny to be prom queen.  And I can't do that if you're around.  You're the best chance to beat me out, and I can't have that.  And this gown you've got…well, I'm a cinch to win, if you're out of the picture."

Daphne blushed a little.  She always thought of herself as the prettiest girl in school, but it was always a bonus to have someone else say….wait a minute!  Focus girl…you're being tied up!

"But why Fred?" she managed, gasping as Alice threaded some new ropes under her chest.

"Oh yeah," the blonde in the black dress laughed.  "Well, a prom queen can't take her first dance without a date, right?"  She finished her ties, managing to bind Daphne above and below her chest.

"You-you don't know Fred!" Daphne stammered, in spite of her precarious position.  "H-he cares for me!  He…er…has feelings…ah…for me!"

"Oh please," Ms. May laughed as she knelt down to fasten Daphne's ankles with yet another piece of rope.  "You and I know that the only thing he cares about is a trap.  I'll get him talking about whether he prefers a Burmese tiger pit or tripwire, and he'll be putty in my hands."  She stopped to admire her handiwork.

"Puh-puhleeze…" Daphne did her best to plead her case.  "This night means more than anything to me.  I-I'll disqualify myself from the prom queen contest…I promise!"

Alice May shook her head, drawing a green scarf from Daphne's bed.  "Can't take that chance, hon,"

Before Daphne could react, the scarf was pulled over her face, enveloping her nose and mouth.  Alice pulled both ends back, tying it behind her head, just above her neck, letting her hair fall over the gag knot in back.  

"Besides, there's something satisfying about making the richest girl in town helpless, not getting what she wants," Alice grinned.  

"Mmmph!  HRRMMMMPH!!!!" Daphne mounted a muted protest.

"I'd stay and chat, but I gotta run…be the prom queen…steal a date…you know," Alice tossed her comment like she flipped her hair.  "Don't go anywhere, dear!"

As Alice pranced out the door, Daphne stood up.  She looked down….hopping was an option, but not with bound ankles and high heels.  She flumped down on the bed in disgust.  Why, of all nights, with her big chance for Fred, was this happening to her?!  She fought back the urge to start bawling.  Why couldn't she be lucky for once, instead of danger-prone…

As if on cue, there was a tapping at her window.  A second or two later, the sill rose to reveal….


Fred was at the window, simply gaping.  Wh-why was he just hanging onto the ladder out there?

Fred slowly, as if in a trance, slowly climbed inside, as if unable to take his eyes of her.

"Gnnughnnn?"  Daphne wondered aloud, through her silk scarf.  What was Fred doing?  Why wasn't he rushing to her rescue?

Like a sleepwalker, he moved slowly forward.  As he reached her, he knelt down, working free her ankle ties.  Although she wished he worked faster (there was a prom to catch) she appreciated the attention, and the feel of his hands working to loosen the leg bindings.  He did the same to her forearms, always making eye contact.

"Mmmph!" She mumbled into her gag, urging him on as he undid the ropes above and below her chest.

What happened next shocked her.  He kissed her passionately in response to her gagged cries.  At first, the kisses were over her gag, which she found herself eagerly responding.  At last, he could not contain himself any longer, pulling the scarf down from her face, down her chin, leaving it dangling loosely around her neck.  But Daphne barely noticed, as Fred continued raining kisses upon her lips, which met a passionate response.  Finally, almost reluctantly, Fred tore himself away, leaving Daphne gasping.  He reached around to work on her wrist bindings, as she found her voice, in a faltering tone.


As if in response, Fred gently cupped his hand over her mouth.  But rather than react in shock, she rather enjoyed the sensation, and quieted down to await his reply.

"Traps may be my hobby, but it's not the only thing I think about.  It's about solving mysteries…as a team."

Daphne groaned into Fred's hand, but he kept it in place, to silence her.  "Give me a second, Daph.  When you asked me to prom, I began to think about other things that might matter.  Remember how I reacted when you were kidnapped by the crab people?"

Daphne nodded her head up and down, given that Fred still had her handgagged.

"I couldn't figure out why I reacted the way I did for you, when other times, I'm so…well…clueless.  I couldn't figure it out, until now."

"Mmph?" Daphne's muffled reply was more of a query than a response.  Fred paused, as if taking in the noises she was managing through his hand.

"It's…." he hesitated, then blurted out.  "I think I'm turned on every time you're abducted…seeing you bound and gagged…it's like you're in a TRAP!"

The final ropes fell from her wrists, and she used one arm to wrap around his neck, while the other gently pulled his hand from her mouth.  She resumed their romantic kissing.

After a minute, Fred pulled off from their clinch.  "You-you're not mad?"

"Oh Fred…I have a confession to make!"

"Yes?"  his heart raced.

She began to redden slightly.  "I-I rather enjoyed being bound and gagged….with you rescuing me and all, of course….especially when you kissed me over my scarf."

Fred grinned.  "I thought so…you know, I could…" his voice trailed off as he moved to pick up the ropes and green cloth.

Daphne flicked her hand at Fred's suggestion.  

"Oh Fred, I really enjoyed this little…bondage moment.  But we've got a prom to attend…"

"And a crown for you to win!" Fred interrupted enthusiastically.


"As for these….accessories….hang onto them," Daphne laughed.  "They can be our little secret….saved for special occasions."

Fred handed her the scarf, then pocketed the ropes.  Wish I could find a way to use those on "Alice May," Daphne thought to herself.  For now, she would just have to settle for shocking her new rival with an unexpected entrance, a showy performance to win the tiara, and jealous glaring from the blonde when she loses, Daphne mused.

"Gagged in Her Gown" by Daphnebound

/ ©2011-2015 Daphnebound
Daphne's all dressed up to go to the big dance. But a jealous rival intervenes to steal Fred away, and keep Daphne from being named prom queen. Will our 18-year-old damsel-in-distress get loose? Is she bound to lose Fred? Read "Gagged in her gown," a fanfic inspired by the Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated television episode "The Legend of Alice May."
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you should do the one of the phantom
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Nice story; I haven't seen too much Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated fan fiction, so this is a nice change from the usual Scooby Doo stories.
MightyMorphinPower4 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2011
Exllcent fic here
KaijuDuke Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2011
Woohoo! Nice story, love the ending XD
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